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John Son
Department: Integration Mapping Team
Hobbies: Music, shopping, read book
Words to describe person:
Hello, my name is John Son ! My professional background includes 10 years’ experience in telecom support, and data center networking. My hobbies include reading books, watching Netflix, and listening to audio books. I also enjoy hiking and travelling. TrueCommerce DiCentral has been great and I'm happy to be a part of this team.
Ngoc Do
Department: Integration Mapping Team
Hobbies: Music, shopping, read book
Words to describe person:
Joining TrueCommerce DiCentral with a lot of technology background and experience in Software Development. Information Technology degree from Ho Chi Minh Polytechnique University . I enjoy getting to know people whether they are peers or prospects, so feel free to send me a message on Teams.
Outside of work I am a big fan of cooking, being outside with my dog, exercising and exploring Vietnam. Currently planning a wedding with my fiancé, so most of my free time now consists of picking and choosing flowers, tableware, and various shades of green.


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