B2B Cloud Communications Service

High-performance, multi-tenant communications gateway


The DiCentral Cloud Communications Service provides a high-performance, multi-tenant communications gateway that enables you and your trading partners to build an ecosystem without having to agree on a common protocol format, common encryption, time of connectivity and security format. All of these options can be selected individually by each participant, but still allow for the exchange of data. Further, by hosting connectivity in the cloud, DiCentral provides an additional layer of security by eliminating the need to have your community members login to your ERP system, or opening access in your firewall to third parties.

B2B Cloud Communications Service

Today, security and encryption have become a requirement to ensuring that inter-organizational data is safe for transport. Asking your IT security organization to manage the access and rights of potentially thousands of customers and suppliers is an expensive and challenging task. Outsourcing the communications gateway function to the cloud dramatically simplifies this activity while significantly reducing expenses.

As encryption keys expire there is a heavy maintenance burden associated with implementing and then maintaining a direct in-house gateway, especially as new trading partners are added or deleted. Implementing a direct connection to suppliers and customers often comes with a significant upfront expense in testing. Ensuring that security and firewall systems have been profiled correctly, credentialed and tested to allow for a third party to exchange data directly with your internal system can be a very manual process. Maintenance and testing of the infrastructure is not driven solely by adding or deleting trading partners, but by hardware and software changes that trading partners implement and then must retest.

The benefits of using a cloud-based gateway are numerous and include:

  • Support for a variety of contemporary communications protocols that you and your trading partners may elect to use as part of the exchange of data (AS2, SOAP, FTP/s, SAP/ALE, HTTP/S, RNIF, ebXML, MQSeries and many others)
  • Outsourcing the connectivity testing
  • Outsourcing the help desk functions when connectivity issues arise from any ecosystem member
  • Simplifying the alerting and connectivity to customers and suppliers in the event your primary data center is down and you now need to connect from your disaster recovery center
  • Enhanced security by eliminating the need for ecosystem members to login to the security parameters of your data center
  • Outsourcing the maintenance and renewals of encryption certificates used in the exchange of B2B data with ecosystem members

The DiCentral Cloud Communications Service allows you to support an unlimited number of connections and allows you to add or delete trading partners on demand without coordinating these changes with security maintenance windows in your infrastructure. DiCentral uses a clustering and load-balancing architecture to ensure continuous availability and high performance.

Complete EDI Outsourcing Solution

DiCentral’s enterprise-class cloud EDI platform offers a cost-effective alternative to in-house solutions. It is defined by six key traits: availability, security, scalability, adaptability, accountability, and reliability. In addition to B2B Cloud Communication Service, DiCentral’s EDI Outsourcing solution includes:

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We wanted to offer our custom- ers a seamless shopping experi- ence, giving them easy access to all of our products in all of our divisions. To do this, we needed visibility across our silos of in- ventory. With a unified inventory system, we could not only im- prove our customer service and increase sales, we knew it would make a significant impact on the efficiency of our fulfillment process.

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