Supply Chain Technology Drives Competitive Edge

Cloud-based warehouse management solutions to help 3PLs simplify supply chain for their customers by leveraging EDI.


3PL & Distribution EDI Solutions

DiCentral’s on-demand suite of supply chain and warehouse system solutions enables you to scale your warehouse space management and pick-and-pack services to accommodate more sophisticated customer requirements.


Customers today require more from their logistics provider. Warehouse management solutions that leverage EDI data and provide visibility to product movement are critical to compete in today’s global marketplace.

Quickly comply with EDI requirements and business rules, such as the EDI 846 specification

WMS supporting models including direct-to-consumer and direct-to- distribution center

Integrate EDI with your transportation or warehouse management systems

Offer exception management through visibility and alerts

Stay up-to-date with the needs of virtually any supplier or trading partner network

Comply with increased customer demand to be competitive

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Real-time Customizable Dashboard with Mobile Alerts

Filter information based on specific roles and preferences

  • Track your incoming and outgoing documents with just a click
  • Get real-time notification alerts sent instantly to your tablet or smartphone
  • Filter real-time information based on specific roles and preferences
  • Filter by the trading partners you want to track and the data you want to see


After having used DiWeb for over five years to satisfy orders from retailers both big and small, we’ve found it to be simple to use and hugely benefi- cial. We’ve tried other EDI solutions in the past, but DiCentral has proven to be one of the best EDI partners for Yellow Box.

- Christine Chen,
EDI Supervisor, Yellowbox

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