Partner Services Consultant

Job Category: Partner Services Consultant
Posted: Mar 29, 2022
Top 3 Reasons To Join Us
  • Oversea Training in US, Canada
  • Talented Retention Bonus
  • Extra Healthcare Insurance
Why You'll Love Working Here
  • Oversea Training in US, Canada
  • Full Social Insurance
  • Extra Healthcare Insurance
  • 13h Month Salary & Talented Retention Bonus
  • Annual leave: 14 days, …
  • Training: PMBok, BABok, ISTQB, English, Microsoft Certificate…
  • Teambuilding, Company trip…
  • Clubs: Football, Ping Pong, …

Job Description

We are looking for Partner Services Consultant to join our team!

What you will do:

  • Responsibility in design and implementation software application.
  • Working with team to develop company’s products.
  • Mentor and train more junior developers.
  • Other tasks will be assigned by the manager.

Primary Role of Position:

The main responsibility is ensuring the connection between the customer and their trade partner within our software solution. This individual will become an expert in OneTime solution and will communicate with customer and the trading partners addressing technical and business process needs, problems and concerns relating to an EDI connection.

Responsible for accomplishing the project objectives & deliverables within project timeline


  • Setting up customers in OneTime with new or existing trading partners
  • Setting up partners in OneTime, Portal, partner VAN passthrough
  • Performing testing for trading partners that have a compliance protocol.
  • Gathering information for new trading partners.
  • Migrating customers from one solution to another solution.
  • Maintaining set up procedures Coordinate with multiple internal teams to assure the target go-live date for the customer
  • Do message analysis for new partners and write wiring diagrams for the mapping team
  • Collect and upload cross reference information.
  • Work with the mapping team to request and test new maps with the partners and ensure that suitable test files are provided to allow for accurate unit testing
  • Work with the existing OneTime partner integration team to request the setup of SFTP, AS2, HTTPS etc.
  • Update and maintain user documentation. This could improve the user guide / material too.


  • Proficient in English; Must be personable and confident in communication via telephone, and well-written professionally via email.
  • Strong customer service etiquette and customer courtesy
  • Possess strong analysis skills; understand Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Standard (X12, EDIFACT); work with EDI mapping in requesting EDI maps build out
  • Familiar with CRM tool | Mastering Microsoft Office
  • Able to work solo or as part of a team; know how to work cross-functionally across teams
  • Must be able to manage time efficiently, prioritize tasks, and work well in a team setting, to reach team and department goals
  • Can work under high pressure

Addition skills that are desirable:

  • Good command of English
  • Having IT background
  • Experience in customer-oriented position and have knowledge about supply chain