Connection Analyst

Job Category: Connection Analyst
Posted: Mar 29, 2022
Top 3 Reasons To Join Us
  • Oversea Training in US, Canada
  • Talented Retention Bonus
  • Extra Healthcare Insurance
Why You'll Love Working Here
  • Oversea Training in US, Canada
  • Full Social Insurance
  • Extra Healthcare Insurance
  • 13h Month Salary & Talented Retention Bonus
  • Annual leave: 14 days, …
  • Training: PMBok, BABok, ISTQB, English, Microsoft Certificate…
  • Teambuilding, Company trip…
  • Clubs: Football, Ping Pong, …

Job Description

We are looking for Connection Analyst to join our team!

What you will do:

  • Responsibility in design and implementation software application.
  • Working with team to develop company’s products.
  • Mentor and train more junior developers.
  • Other tasks will be assigned by the manager.

Primary Role of Position:

If the solution includes Diweb, it's our responsibility to ensure the connectivity between the trade partner and our Diweb solution. This individual will become an expert in our Web-based product and will communicate with customers and their trading partners addressing technical and business process needs, problems and concerns relating to an EDI connection.


  • Setting up customers in Diweb with new or existing trade partners.
  • Setting up Manage hub customers in Diweb, Branded Portal, Supplier (X12) passthrough
  • Performing testing for trade partners that have a compliance protocol.
  • Gathering information for new trade partners.
  • Migrating customers from one solution to another solution.
  • Maintaining set up procedures
  • Coordinate with multiple internal teams to assure the target go-live date for the customer
  • Resolve technical issue/errors related to DiCentral web services
  • Report to team management as well as involved project coordinators


  • Proficient in English; Must be personable and confident in communication via telephone, and well-written professionally via email.
  • Strongly knowledgeable in analyzing and solving the problem
  • Strong customer service etiquette and customer courtesy
  • Familiar with CRM tool | Mastering Microsoft Office
  • Understand EDI mapping guidelines and EDI raw data (X12, EDIFACT); work with EDI mapping in requesting
  • EDI maps build out
  • Able to work solo or as part of a team
  • Must be able to manage time efficiently, prioritize tasks, and work well in a team setting, to reach team and department goals
  • Can work under high pressure

Education/Training Preferred

  • Having a Bachelor degree in English or Economics
  • Proficient in MS Office Suite
  • The ability to explain complicated-seeming concepts in plain language
  • Experience in customer-oriented position and have knowledge about supply chain