Mapping QA Specialist – Team Leader

Job Category: Mapping QA Specialist – Team Leader
Posted: April 27, 2022
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  • Oversea Training in US, Canada
  • Talented Retention Bonus
  • Extra Healthcare Insurance
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  • Oversea Training in US, Canada
  • Full Social Insurance
  • Extra Healthcare Insurance
  • 13h Month Salary & Talented Retention Bonus
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Job Description

We are looking for Mapping QA Specialist – Team Leader to join our team!

What you will do:

  • Responsibility in design and implementation software application.
  • Working with team to develop company’s products.
  • Mentor and train more junior developers.
  • Other tasks will be assigned by the manager.

Primary Role of Position:

The Team Leader is responsible for managing the workload and queue in their team. The Team Leader must mentor and communicate effectively with the team and must ensure that the team meet pre-determined team goals and OLAs.

Team Leader must also engage in escalation from the Client Delivery Teams, when required. The Team Leader is responsible for coordinating training, work schedules and evaluation of the team.


KRA 1: People Management (20%)

  • Support a team culture of proactive communication, knowledge sharing, problem-solving and efficiency
  • Help guide team on complex scenarios that may be outside the norm.
  • Manage team issues, blockers and conflicts.
  • Monitor and continually develop staff skills and competencies.
  • Motivate employees and seek high employee engagement.
  • Maintain transparent communication, communicate information through team meetings, one-to-one meetings, and appropriate email and interpersonal communication.

KRA 2: Relationship management (5%)

  • Ensure proper communication to colleagues and customers.
  • Effectively manage or assist escalation of issues related to team responsibilities.
  • Ensure team manages expectations towards Client Delivery Teams by setting correct and realistic delivery dates.

KRA 3: Process management (5%)

  • Ensure processes are followed and encourage continuous improvement.
  • Improve internal departmental procedures to streamline the efficiency and productivity and quality.
  • Ensure high data discipline to ease collaboration and reviews.
  • Set high quality standards.

KRA 4: Workload management (20%)

  • Effectively track and monitor daily new daily work and work that requires follow-up
  • Ensuring that requests are handled within team OLA
  • Daily review of work queues and handling tasks that will become overdue tasks
  • Manage the team to achieve the global objectives assigned to their team.
  • Weekly Review with Department Manager on Team Workload, OLA targets, Resources, and other Team Performance Indicators.
  • Role based responsibilities.

KRA 5: Role Specific Work (50%)

Map Quality Assurance
  • QA and provide feedback on Trading Partner and/or Client Maps. Label Templates and Packing Slips per Client and Client Trading Partner requirements where applicable in the organization
  • Participate in the refinement and documentation of internal mapping related processes
  • Examine Trading Partner/Client specification modifications to assess impact to current Trading Partner/Client maps, labels, packing slips
  • Coordinate QC/QA process of new and modified Trading Partner/Client maps, labels and packing slips where applicable
  • Define and implement projects related to standardization, organization and process development as they relate to mapping QA
Professional Services Department Support
  • Conduct ongoing meetings with Implementations to refine the QA process.
  • Communicate with mapping any trends we are seeing and make recommendations to update base template maps
  • Develop monthly reports to track progress/regression to quality
Sales Support
  • Provide mock transaction maps when needed to support the sales process


Experience years:

  • 3+ years client services, business to business, computer support/service
  • 3+ years with Microsoft Office Suite, Windows Operating Systems, Internet Applications
  • 3+ years of EDI experience is preferred
  • People management skills and experience is preferred


  • People Management
  • Cross Department Cooperation
  • Analytical and problem solving
  • Structured
  • Dependability
  • Sense of Urgency
  • Technical Skills
  • People Management

Other Requirements:

In addition to the above-mentioned Role Specific Competencies, all employees will be expected to demonstrate Core Competencies as determined by the executive leadership team and Human Resources. For a list of current Core Competencies, please see Human Resources.

  • Adaptability/Flexibility
  • Initiative/Innovation
  • Customer Focus
  • Values/Integrity
  • Results Focus
  • Teamwork
  • Willingness to work a flexible schedule between 8am-8pm.
  • Willingness to dedicate extra effort beyond standard working hours.

Education/Training Preferred:

Bachelor's degree in IT, Computer Science, or related field