The world is collectively facing unprecedented times. The global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is affecting countless people, businesses, supply chains, and our general way of life. DiCentral is addressing the pandemic and is working with our suppliers and partners to provide some encouragement in this time of unknowns.

First and foremost, we’re making the continued safety and health of our employees a top priority. To that end, we’re actively educating our team(s) on best practices and protocols, and working with our healthcare providers to waive any co-pay costs associated with COVID-19 testing kits, as they become available.

For all of our employees who are working remotely, we’re making the home delivery of medicines and cleaning supplies available. Additionally, we’re providing access to a medical hotline where employees can ask any questions about travel, risk assessments, and related precautionary steps. We’ve also implemented a variety of video conferencing tools into our process to continue our day-to-day operations without compromising the safety and health of our team.

This is an equally stressful time for all of our clients, as a pandemic like this can cause supply chain disruptions, delays, and shortages. We want to reassure you that we’ve already initiated a risk assessment of our own critical supply chain partners to provide uninterrupted service to our clients. We're working with and strongly encourage our suppliers to initiate their own risk assessments if they have not already done so and to start seriously seeking strategies that can help them mitigate their risk of exposure.

Regardless of circumstance, we are committed to maintaining a continuity of services and are using all means at our disposal to ensure continued supply chain resilience and operation. We’ll share helpful recommendations and solutions to help your company navigate through this challenging time

If you have any questions or concerns, then we highly recommend you contact us directly, or take advantage of the many informative resources organizations like the World Health Organization and Center for Disease Control have available.

Best Regards