DiCentral offers Beverages & More compliant EDI solutions to enable your business to become Beverages & More EDI compliant. Our cloud-based EDI process enables you to send your documents to Beverages & More easily and effectively, with the confidence that your Beverages & More compliant EDI transactions are processed with the proper data and unique EDI guidelines that Beverages & More requires. Following is a list of Beverages & More compliant EDI transactions.

  • 810INVOICE

* We offer GS1-128 labels through our Beverages & More compliant EDI services. There is no special equipment required. Simply print labels from your desktop using your laser jet or thermal printer.

DiCentral provides a suite of integrated and non-integrated EDI services and solutions that adapt to the growing needs of your business. Technical support is available 24/7.

Additional Beverages & More compliant EDI transactions may also be obtained through DiCentral.

Our Beverages & More compliant EDI integration solutions empower your business with a robust method to synchronize your EDI process with all major ERP systems and accounting packages.

Our Beverages & More compliant EDI integration solutions also allow your company to integrate with your third- party logistics provider’s warehouse management system. EDI integration helps you to eliminate any additional manual processes or errors, minimizing your risk of charge-backs.

DiCentral can connect you to any trading partner. If your trading partner isn’t listed, we’ll work with you to make the connection. Learn more about how DiCentral can help you meet Beverages & More compliant EDI requirements or the EDI specifications of any other retailer. Call us today at (281) 480-1121, option 4, or email us at

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With a unified inventory system, we could not only improve our customer service and increase sales, we knew it would make a significant impact on the efficiency of ourfulfillment process.
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